Roamer of the Subterranean Forest Resin Prints Finished

The first batch of resin prints are finally done. I've finished all the "Roamer of the Subterranean Forest" resin prints, and after pre-orders, I have 10 to sell. I'll be posting these on my Etsy store, along with the 3 new prints on Friday. I still have to sand and stain most of them, so expect them to ship within 2 weeks.

They are 18" x 14"  $700

Here's a couple pics of them fully completed.


Roamer of the Subterranean Forest Resin Print. Final product.

All of the Resin Prints come pre-mounted, and come with mounting hardware. So you can just slap up it anywhere out of the box. 

I'm still working on completing the "Relish in the Moments of Glory" Resin prints. The final layer on that piece is very time consuming... lots of trees! So I'll be posting those ones as they finish in the coming weeks. Here's a shot of a finished one.

Relish Moments of Glory Resin Print

For those of you just finding out about these resin prints, please check out my previous post for more info. 

If you'd still like to pre-order a "Roamer of the Subterranean Forest" Resin Print before they're posted on my Etsy store, email me: