Into the Depths

Well, my next show at Thinkspace Gallery is on the horizon and the ship has almost passed through the fogs of exhaustion and the rocky shores of panic and fear of complete disaster. Never in my life have I been involved in a show with the upmost hopes of reaching new heights with my work coupled with the heaviest fear of absolute failure.
For this show I decided to add a new dimension to my work and that is the dimension of depth. I've been playing with layers and depth a good deal over the years and for this show I decided to push that even further by adding layers of resin to my work. Each of these new pieces is made in a box and comprised of multiple layers of resin that I paint on and build up to make a 3D-like effect at the end. So it feels like the characters are actually immersed in their surroundings.
This is after several layers.

Resin layer poured

Trees added on top of lovely creatures

The final result after a couple more layers of trees

I only intended to do a few of these at the beginning stages of the show, but I just kept coming up with more and more ideas for these resin boxes. So I just went all in with it and centered my whole show around this concept and technique. It was a little risky to devote a whole show to something I've never tried before, hence the the occasional pangs of panic. But in the end, I love how these turned out and I'm glad I took the leap. This is definitely work that needs to be seen in person to really appreciate. So any of you in the LA area, please come out to see it.
Profound Encounters Amid the Forest Deep

Together at the Threshold

 Here's a painting I did for my fiancé and soon to be awesome wife, Ash. I started this piece around October/November last year and it's been quite a journey from inception to completion. I originally intended it to be a Christmas present, but then I had different plans for it. I knew I was going to propose to Ash so I decided to include it in my engagement plans. But as I worked on it, it took on a life of it's own and a simple idea turned more grand and fantastical and layers turned into more layers.
   Then one night, Ash and I went out to a nice dinner and my sister's friend came up to our table from the bar. After the normal courtesies, he says, "I just wanted to congratulate you two. That's really awesome." In the next second, I saw Ash's look of complete obliviousness to what was just said, his brief but unmistakable look of immediate guilt when he saw Ash's face and his quick retreat from our table, leaving me completely caught off guard and looking at a face that wanted answers. All I could do was plead ignorance and formulate the angry texts I was going to send my sister when I had a free moment.
   After that, the lid was blown off the whole deal and Ash started picking up on every little sign and every little comment. Some of my friends were interrogated, but I didn't really tell anyone... to prevent this very thing from happening. So in the end, the painting didn't become part of the engagement day, but I was able to take my time with it and really make it the painting I wanted it to be.
So here it is.

I'm also releasing this as a print, to which a large portion of the sales will go directly into our wedding. So in a way you'll be helping us celebrate our wedding... and you might be contributing to that special bottle of whiskey that leads to one of our guests to becoming the drunk guy that takes his shirt off, makes a drunken, teary speech before jumping into the pond. You could very well make that magic happen.
The print is 18" x 22" with a 1" White border and an edition of 100. It'll be in my Etsy store for $70.


Winter is coming???

Hey All,

Hope you're all having a good winter. It's been very unwinter-like around these parts and it's been awesome... but weird. Part of me is wary of celebrating it because I keep waiting for the other winter boot to drop and smack us all in the face with subzero blizzard hell. But on the side of optimism, I guess I'll just enjoy the sunny Fall-like weather, plead ignorance and pray to the Northern Gods in the weirwoods. Winterfell!!!

I'm busy working on my next show at Thinkspace in July. I'm taking a bit of a departure for this show and exploring some new techniques and mediums. I'll have more to show in the upcoming months to further explain. All I can say is that it seems like a logical step for me in the making of small worlds and if anything, enhances the spirit and mood that I so love to express in my work.

Another thing I'm getting ready for is my wedding in the Fall. Yep, I proposed to my lovely girlfriend, Ash, and we're now both thick in the madness of getting ready for a wedding. There's a lot to think of, lot to do, but I'm excited to spend the rest of my days with my best friend and the woman I love. I've got some ideas for the wedding that have been shot down so far:
Have the minister dress up like Albus Dumbledore.
Have the entire side of the Kehoe family ride in on war horses holding spears.
Have a small rowboat full of explosives and fireworks floating in the middle of the pond to be ignited with a fiery arrow the moment we both say, "I do."
Sounds romantic to me... I'll keep working on it.

I'm releasing some new smaller prints in my Etsy store. They're all from my recent show at Roq La Rue. I wanted to pick some of the smaller painting to release as prints andjust decided to pick them all. So there four new prints that are 9" x 12", editions of 40 and are selling for $35. Here are a couple examples.

A Fading Farewell

Affinity to Unfamiliar Worlds

Holiday Flurries

Happy holidays everyone! The first flurries of the year are hitting Pittsburgh just as my flurry of holiday print orders is dying down. Whew. Thanks so much and I hope all prints meant for presents get there on time and bring tears of joy to your loved ones. There had better be tears.
Revel in the Wild Joy Offset Print

I just got some prints from Jonathan LeVine Gallery in today to sell in my Etsy store. They are a little late to the game for the holidays. Although if I get the order out by Monday or Tuesday, there is a good shot to get it there if you're in the U.S.
The prints are of Revel in the Wild Joy. They are larger than my usual prints. 24" x 24" image size and 26" x 26" print size. They are offset lithograph prints instead of giclée prints and they are fantastic looking. Since they are larger than my Giclée prints, I'll have to ship them through shipping tubes. But since they are offset prints, they are a hardier lot and will be fine... and they won't take a year to flatten out which is nice.
Check out my Etsy store for more info.

Have a great holiday! Put on some awful sweaters and drink some eggnog. Sing if you must.

Print Bonanza

Well, a couple prints have sold out on my Etsy store in the last week which is totally awesome with a lot of overwhelming thrown on top. Lots of orders! So so so many orders. Anyone that ordered a print and is reading this, please be patient. I've enlisted my brother to help me, but we are a small operation here at Kehoe Headquarters. I usually get print orders out in a week or less, but I'll need some more time for these ones.
And to add to the madness of print orders, I decided to post the Lord of Ghouls print as well. With all the sold out prints, I felt like the store was feeling a little empty.

Lord of Ghouls Print

Wine and Chicken Livers in the Northwest

All Turns to Brilliance
 Just got back from the Great Pacific Northwest had a trip full of art openings, bourbon, wine, fried olives, spicy meatballs, wings and chicken liver. Well, only one art opening, but a plenitude of the other things... and I didn't cry once or get into any dancing knife fights. Which is a good change of pace from most of the trips I take. Maybe it was because I didn't wear my sleeveless jean jacket vest this time around. That thing always gets me into trouble.
The opening was awesome and got to meet some new folks and catch up with others. Charlie Immer's work was wild and wonderful and I wish he could've been there. Hi-Fructose was there and had a nice post of the show on their site.

I was going to make a post on the blog about a new print release, but one of those prints already sold out. I released All Turns to Brilliance and On the Banks of Broken Worlds on Thursday and the All Turns to Brilliance Print is already sold out. Crazy! Fastest I've ever sold out of a print. I've got some AP's of the print though and I'll post those soon.
UPDATE: APs sold out as well.

I'm going to post another print, Lord of Ghouls, on Tuesday to take it's place.

On the Banks of Broken Worlds

Roq La Rue show on the Horizon

Lord of Ghouls - Arise Feral Night, Roq La Rue

Only a week before I'll be shipping all my work off to Roq La Rue Gallery. The house and studio always seem so empty after a whole body of work is carefully and obsessively packed into huge boxes and shipped across the country. Travel well my children. Almost all the painting is done and I'm very pleased with the work. Between this show and the LeVine show in March, this is shaping up to be my favorite year of art making ever. Woo! Ouch, just kicked my printer over. Got so excited. Yeah!!

In preparation for the labor and expenses of getting a whole body of work across the beautiful expanse of these United States, I'm posting a special and very limited edition print, "Great Heights of the Young Dreamer" to my Etsy store. The prints are 8" x 10" with a 1" white border and I'm selling them for just $25.
Great Heights of the Young Dreamer

Jonathan LeVine Prints have arrived!

And so has Fall which is kind of appropriate. Jonathan LeVine Gallery released 2 of my prints and as you can tell from the photo, they are grand in scale and beauty and aroma. I requested it be sprayed with a lacquer that smells like fist fights and cowboy boots. Please visit their online shop if you are interested in procuring one of these.

Good Things are a Comin'

Learned some good things this week. Some of which I can share and some of which are, as of now, classified... of which some of which is of a dangerous and slightly nefarious nature... of which you would be in grave danger if even a smidgen of a pinch of eave is dropped into your ear... of which I should stop talking about right now lest my lips get loose and sink any ships kind enough to dock in the harbor of this here blog. Speaking of, I'll get to the point of this particular blog post which is... hmmmm. Let me backtrack... Oh yes!

My next print with Tiny Showcase is tonight at 7:30 Eastern Time. If you are a Tiny Showcase lover as I am, be sure to check it out. My last few Tiny Showcase prints have sold out very quickly so we're doubling the edition from 100 to 200. Huzzah!

I also learned that I'll be showing with Charlie Immer at my show at Roq La Rue in October. He was originally scheduled for September, and I remember thinking, "Damn. Wish he would get pushed back a month so I could show with him." And here we are. So either it's either very fortunate, or I get any wish granted to me if I say, "Damn" in front of it. I better be careful. Anyhow, I'm super excited to show with him and to see his work in person. Here's a sample and check out his work on his site.
Charlie Immer Art

Life is Blur

The best way to write a blog is with a glass of bourbon, a tobacco pipe, a rifle, a sleeping dog and a general sense of manliness. Incidentally, I have all those things at this very moment so this is shaping up to be a good blog post. A lot has happened since my last blog post. Kind of an overwhelming amount of stuff actually. Bourbon sip. Quick overview.

-Winter was relatively mild. I'm realizing that scheduling big shows for Spring is awesome because I just stay in and work all winter and it just flies on by.
-Having a two-wheel, rear-wheel drive truck in the winter leads to a lot of fish-tailing and anxiety-riddled dreams/nightmares.
-Drove out to Michael Hsiung's opening in Philly and then brought him back to Pittsburgh to eat hoagies and play Mortal Kombat.
-Took an amazing trip to Mexico with my girlfriend, Ash, and spent a week on the beach and in the pool deciding what to drink next.
-I don't know if I got Montezuma's Revenge, but it was at least one of his cousins.

As for these days, I'm still plugging away at the Roq La Rue show. I've also got a piece in the upcoming Blab! Show also at Roq La Rue. It's based around the infamous child whipper, Krampus. The show opens August 12th. More info here:
Blab! Show 2011

I'm releasing my last print for a while through my Etsy store. The next one will be released sometime in November. The print is of the "Mysterious Attraction of the Unseen" piece from the Strange Wandering show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Edition of 50. Go here to investigate. Mysterious Print

Mysterious Attraction of the Unseen
Speaking of Jonathan LeVine Gallery, I have some prints in the works with them as well. "Revel in the Wild Joy" and "Hail the Dark Wonder" will be available soon. The gallery just got them in so I'll be off to New York to sign hundreds of prints pronto. I'll have some more info on them when I get back.

Revel in the Wild Joy

NYC = Success

My show in New York at Jonathan LeVine Gallery was a smashing good time. Thanks to everyone that came out! I was in a little pain at the opening due to the previous night's activities. Anyone ever heard of a pickle back? It's when you take a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. Sounds weird but it's delicious and smooth... too smooth. You lose track after a while. Anyways, I've posted all the new work to my Flickr account so check it out. I have to say, it's my favorite collection of paintings yet.

Now I'm going to do nothing for a few days then get back to work. I have my Roq La Rue show coming up in October. May as well get busy now to reduce the pain of the panic-riddled later months.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be making prints of two of my pieces from the show. "Hail the Dark Wonder" and "Revel in the Wild Joy." We're just getting started on it so more updates to come.
Hail the Dark Wonder

In the meantime, I just released some new prints from the show including "Under the Gaze of the Glorious." Check out my Etsy for more info.
Under the Gaze of the Glorious

Strange Wanderings

I finished my last painting for the show on Saturday. Feels good. Real good. My brain is completely spent though so I'll have to deprive you of my normal bad jokes and just give the show info. I hope you can live with that. If not, I'll be at the opening so you'll have an opportunity to bring it to my face.
I'll be heading out to New York soon to drop off the rest of the work and to arrange paintings in a pleasing fashion. I hope to see many of you at the opening.
 Head over to the Jonathan LeVine website for more info.
I'm going to have a drink.

Long Lost Crow

I just found out recently that Black Maria Gallery in LA closed it's doors and one of my paintings was lost in the shuffle. After some investigating and some major help from the awesome Michael Hsiung, the piece was recovered and it's on it's way back to Pittsburgh. It's already pretty well known but Michael Hsiung is the man. In honor of his actions, I give these words:

Just like a knight in shining armor
From a long time ago
Just in time Mike will save the day
Take you to his castle far away

...Hsiung is the man who will fight for your honor
He'll be the hero that you're dreaming of
We're gonna live forever
Knowing together that we
Did it all for the glory of love

Thank you Michael.
And thank you Karate Kid 2.

Mayor Crow's Escape from Calamity

Here we go 2011

Winter has rolled in and Fall is but a cold, orange mush-ball. If I didn't live in a quiet, residential neighborhood, I would blow this pumpkin up with some M-80's to send Autumn out in style. Instead, I struggled to get this blob off my porch because it was frozen solid to this mantle. I eventually landed a solid rage-chop to it and it broke off and rolled into someone else's yard. Their problem now.

2011 is here. Woo hoo! I'm actually super excited for this year. I have my Jonathan LeVine Gallery show coming up in March. Gaahhh! Whew... got a little pang of panic there. Lots to do still. The last couple months of a solo show are always a blur. Mostly because of tears of every assortment. Frustration, accomplishment, panic, revelation, fear, joy, anxiety, inspiration, hunger... I always forget to eat in the scramble mode. If anyone is ever in the Pittsburgh area, bring me food.
I'm calling the show, "Strange Wanderings." The show is mostly inspired by my cross country move from Portland to Pittsburgh. I saw sights that equally inspired and intimidated the hell out of me along the way. So there's definitely a pinch of grandness and awe in each piece. I've finished two of my larger pieces and I'm super excited about them. I've got a bunch more in the works in varying stages of completion that should mostly be finished by the end of the month. All in all, things are going pretty awesome. Can't wait to show these babies off!

I've also locked up a date for Roq La Rue in Seattle for October of this year. Can't say how excited I am about this. I've been a big fan of that gallery for some time and it's amazing I get the opportunity to show there. And an added bonus is that the show is in October which is prime Kehoe season.
Parting the Darkness
I also just posted a commission I had been working on since last summer. It's called "Parting the Darkness" for a fine chap in Australia named Karl Hill. I also made some prints out of this piece so check it out in my Etsy shop. In other Etsy news, I added 3 prints from the series I did for Sebastian Foster. I got to keep 10 prints of the edition for myself, so I decided to throw some of them up in Etsy.
Walking with Wisdom

Happy New Year Everyone!

Hello Pittsburgh, Hello Fall

As I sip on my delicious pumpkin ale, feel the cool welcome of Autumn in the air, and breathe deep the smells of fallen leaves and wood fires that are meandering into my nose holes, I say, Welcome Fall! You are a brief but glorious lover that is kind enough to make sweet, beautiful love to each and every one of my senses once a year.... before leaving me twisting in the dark coldness of winter. I love you. Please don't leave me!!

Yes, Fall has just begun and I'm happy to be back home in Pittsburgh to enjoy it. Pennsylvania is an amazing place for all things Fall and I'll be looking to enjoy as much as I can. Fall camping is definitely happening in the next couple weeks. Yes!
I survived the cross country tour of America and spectated the shit out of some beautiful land. Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Devil's Tower and the Badlands were all on display for the Kehoe caravan. I took over 800 pictures and would love to share them, but I took so many that it's overwhelming me. Damn this digital age of frivolous and unfettered picture taking.

Now that I'm back, I'm full speed ahead on my next show at Jonathan LeVine in March. More on that to come.
I have few new pieces and prints available at Sebastian Foster. It's a great crew of artists and I'm excited to be on board. There's a really awesome aesthetic going on here with the other artists that I really connect to... might buy some prints of my own. Check it out!
Sebastian Foster

Conversation Amongst the Innocent

I've also just released a new print of one of my pieces from the recent Blab Show, Onward Again My Friend. I decided to shrink it down to 18" x 18" with a 1" border so the print comes out to 20" x 20" This is much easier and more affordable to frame since it's a pretty standard size. Those custom framing jobs add up and I'm trying not to add to the pain. It's a limited edition of 40 and is available at my Etsy store.

Onward Again My Friend